Nodeep Kaur has been granted bail on third and final FIR.

All charges must be immediately dropped.

Shiv Kumar as well as all Sikh political prisoners wrongfully detained during the #FarmersProtest must be released.

Nodeep Kaur interview.

Free Nodeep Kaur

On January 12th, Haryana Police abducted Nodeep Kaur, a 24-year-old Dalit woman and trade union activist who has been bravely speaking up about the Farmers Protest. She was abducted from her tent at the Singhu Border Protest Site. Since then, she’s been tortured and sexually assaulted in police custody.

We call on civil society in India and the international community to demand she be immediately released. Further, charges against Nodeep Kaur must be immediately dropped and those responsible for perpetrating violence against her must be swiftly held responsible.

Along with Nodeep, fellow Kisan Adhikar Sangathan activist Shiv Kumar has also been arrested. He is currently being detained by police and little is known about his condition. #freeshivkumar

Call to Action

Spread the word by sharing this page and posting on social media using the hashtag #FreeNodeepKaur. Follow Nodeep's sister Rajveer Kaur on Twitter.

Nodeep's Activism In Her Own Words

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